Martyr - planet metalhead DELUXE PACKAGE

Deluxe package / splatter
Sales price € 49,99
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This super limited "deluxe package" contains the following exclusive items:


# Splatter Vinyl version (incl inlay)

# Extra 3D "planet metalhead" vinyl cover.

# Full autographed band photo (A4 size).

# Full album on CD (including booklet and inlay).

# Big size logo bumper sticker.

# Full color printed turntable slip-mat.

All in one gatefold package, limited to 120 numbered copies (100 being sold).


Notice: update 28-5 // Due to problems of handling and delivering of Martyr's label PT78, the splatter vinyl (and the normal black vinyl) will not be ready before end of August. For us and the band this is of course a huge disappointment. Everything is set... the whole package is ready except for the vinyl. At the end it WILL be worth the waiting as Martyr band promised No Dust to include something extra to the whole package as compensation for the long wait!
We do all possible to have the album on vinyl ready before 9-9-2022. 


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