Biography Horizon 1983 - 1990/2019


In July 1983 four musicians were brought together by A&R Manager Jan Abbink from Warner Bros Netherlands.

Jack Nobelen: former guitarist Highway and Savage

Arthur Van Loon: former drummer Brainstorm, Heavy Noise and Savage

Marc Van Reusel: former bass player Tyrant and Savage

Shmoulik Avigal: former singer Picture, Hammerhead and Bodine

Jan Abbink, talent scout and hard rock enthusiast, saw that bringing these four musicians together could become a successful combination, from day one us four started to compose new songs and create our own style and a new band name, Horizon was decided. Arjan Witte from Warner Bros came into good contact and we received an offer from Warner Bros to place the repertoire there. From that moment on, the band was able to record demos in professional studios and they quickly got the attention of major record labels such as CBS, WEA, RCA and EMI.

We could not have wished for a better start

After many negotiations with regard to budgets and producers, we decided to record the record in-house at the MMP Studio in Waalwijk and offer it to large record labels. To get the right sound on the album, studio musician Cor Lievers was used.

This resulted in a contract for our first album, with the option for a second album with CBS records (Sony Music). Then we went looking for a keyboard player to bring the album sound live; Giovanni Pileri was asked to join us.

In the meantime, the pop circuit in Belgium and the Netherlands was also visited to test the new songs, with great success. This resulted in performances in the large halls of the Netherlands. Horizon was asked to come and play on Aardschok day in Zwolle (with Metallica and Venom, among others), Veronica's Countdown Café live, EarthQuake (with international acts such as Killer (BE), M-80 Nikki Buzz (USA), Pretty Maids (DK) and Mama 's Boy' s (UK)) and also as support act of famous Rock bands.

In 1984 CBS Records (Sony music) released the album "Master of the Game" and the first single "I Need Your Love" was released and also added worldwide on collector "The New Gladiators" via EPIC. In various music magazines we were named as the most promising band and even on the CBS convention on HAWAII labelled "MOST PROMISING BAND FROM EUROPE".

We played several times a week in the pop circuit and in 1985 there were plans for a European tour, we got an offer to open as support act of "Uriah Heep" on their European tour. Unfortunately, negotiations led to a failure.

After the release of "Master off the Game", Horizon decided to stop with singer Shmoulik. The vision of Jack, Marc, Giovanni and Arthur did not come across anymore.

Shmoulik later left for New York for a new career.

At the end of 1985, Horizon, together with Helloise, started the successful "Heavy Heroes Tour" through the Netherlands, with Tilburg rock singer Pete Young as a (temporary) replacement.

After this tour we went looking for a new singer and dozens of auditions later Peter Strykes came on audition. Immediately there was a great click, both personally and musically. Peter immediately started working with us and after two months of composing there were four new songs: "You", "Forever Yours", "To the Top" and "It’s not Right".

A great demo that immediately caught the attention of major record companies including WEA NL and CBS NL. But a visit by Jan Abbink to Polygram in London changed everything ...

With these new songs Horizon received a World Wide Deal from Polygram for a new album.

John Parr offered his services to produce this album. This British rock singer, (known for his worldwide hit and movie film St. Elmo's Fire from 1985), sold more than ten million albums worldwide.

Horizon had everything to break through internationally, and all effort and energy would finally be rewarded.

Unfortunately, the collaboration with Peter was short-lived, but we decided to continue and look for a new singer.


Peter in Giovanni decided together to continue their career elsewhere

We quickly found a new singer in Jolanda Bolbroekbakker from Rotterdam. Former singer of BeWild, a very nice "Rockbitch" with great looks, but unfortunately with insufficient singing capacity. Giovanni was also replaced by a trained keyboard player Pieter Straatman from Vught.

We went to work with this new formation and again new songs were composed: "Where were you" and "Let it go". Which was recorded in studio Zeezicht Haarlemmerliede with Rob van de Donselaar ex Bintangs, Vitesse and Herman Brood.

These recordings were listened to by Polygram, but unfortunately not found good enough by and the deal was off the table.

Jolanda Bolhoekbakker was replaced shortly afterwards by Peter van den Elshout from Werkendam. We also set to work with Peter van den Elshout and new songs were composed: "Piggy Wiggy Girls", "Passion" and "She was hot".

But after a number of performances with too little progress, Horizon decided to stop.

Jack Nobelen continued to make music. He decided to set up a studio and started with the cover band Stiletto; with a lot of success.

Marc van Reusel entered the business world.

Arthur had a few auditions at: among others Zinatra and The Box by (Peter Vink ex-bass player Q65). But eventually he stopped playing drums and went into business and is now an entrepreneur like Cashback Retail Advisor / Entrepreneur.

Pieter Straatman became a studio musician and now has his own production company.

34 years later we are proud to have the entire Horizon catalogue again, refreshed, re-masters and now played digitally, Horizon was one of the bands that had their contribution in Dutch rock history we’re still pretty proud of that.


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