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If your band is going to sport a moniker like FORMULA 400, you'd better be delivering some asphalt devouring aural brawn, and since forming in 2018, that is exactly what this San Diego County-based band has been dishing out in ample amounts. Here in 2023, Dan Frick (guitars/vocals), Kip Page (bass), Ian Holloway (guitars/vocals), and the recently acquired Lou Voutiritsas (drums) have not only a fiery 2020 debut “Heathens” to look back upon, but plenty of club and festival appearances just in 2022 as well. There can be little to no doubt that now is the perfect time to strike with a second release.

And with sophomore effort “Divination”, strike they do, somehow packing more force and velocity than their undeniably potent first release. Rather than unwisely heading into the shop and overhauling everything, the foursome knows they have something damn fine going on, and instead hit the streets for round two with a more finely tuned, yet meaner machine sporting some extra horsepower.

While still drawing upon modern, groovin' stoner metal, late 60's biker rock, and gritty 70's hard rockin' outfits, the intensity/heavy meter is reading higher than ever. The result- 9 blistering tracks with tougher vocals, tighter rhythms, faster tempos, and front loaded with some mighty tasty guitar work. From supremely intense opening salvo of “Whiskey Bent” straight through to the slow, massive build-up of closer “In Memoriam”, everything is simply all-killer, no filler. Reference wise, if you enjoy the thought of the likes of Blues Creation, Fu Manchu, Steppenwolf, Corrosion Of Conformity, Thin Lizzy, Lowrider, and Shinki, Speed & Glue, etc. all rolled up in one nice little package, then this record could very well be your ultimate destination.

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Whiskey Bent
Kickstands Up
Born To Lose
Rise From The Fallen

In Memoriam





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