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Spillage "phase four" CD Jewelcase


Catalogue nr: NDRE 057

Format: CD

ISBN: 871605901693-1

Label: No Dust Records (EU) Qumran Records (USA)

Release date:  September 8,  2023


For fans of Trouble, Uriah Heep, Savatage.


The album PHASE FOUR, initially was driven by a "mad scientist" concept (hence the album cover art by bassist Billy McGuffey, who has created the last three SPILLAGE album artwork), but developed with lyrical content that focuses on relevant issues currently plaguing the world. References are subtle, but for different subject matters such as science & medical research, AI technology, relationships, behavior manipulation, business and governmental influences, etc - these all can be manipulated/controlled to a point where things seem "out of control". Kind of like the concept 'for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'. However, in songs written by SPILLAGE, their focus and message is on hope and positive outcome, that individuals do have the ability to make their choices and live with it.

The music on Phase Four is taken to a more robust level, pulling in more varied influences in style from all the band members and really enticing the listener to experience a more extensive range of musical tastes, with the hopes of widening the SPILLAGE fan base world-wide. Traditionally penning themselves as a "riff- rock" band, the noticeable use of synthesizers/keyboards highlighting different instrument voices/sounds has brought real depth to the musical performance of SPILLAGE with this album! The meaningful guitar phrasing and transitional bridges keep the songs interesting and are completed by the bottom end bass and drums that anchor that heavier sound which has solidified SPILLAGE in the doom metal genre. That being said, the soulful vocals and harmonies on this album bring emotion out in these songs and by doing so, thrust SPILLAGE into different arenas that should please most listeners!


Phase Four

Nail Biter

Love & Alchemy

Demon, I

Rise Of Machines

Nothing To See

The Eleventh Hour



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