The band was originally conceived by guitarist, Günther Kiefer in response the the progressive neo-classical shred guitar scene, which was extremely popular and influential during the early 90's.  All of the four debut tracks include extended instrumental sections with harmonized guitar parts, recorded separately at Speed of Sound studios and reflected the considerable influence of this once popular style of guitar virtuosity.  The debut demo received praise for the bands innovation in both local and global underground fanzines and press.  Later, vocalist Robert Slater was later replaced by Alan Yurich, whose guttural vocal style added a more heavier element.  The band continued to perform in the New York area, writing additional songs which reflected a heavier style before breaking up to pursue individual projects.  Unfortunately, no professional recordings were ever completed prior to the bands demise.  Only a few local video recordings of the new songs exist from venues such as the infamous and now defunct, CBGB's of New York City.  Several years later, original bassist, Anthony Ferro was tragically killed in a violent altercation near his apartment in the affluent upper West side of New York City.  This debut release, albeit brief in content reflects a fusion of progressive metal with neo-classical guitar creating a unique and short lived experiment in the metal genre. 

Demo New York 1991 contains 4 explosive tracks exclusive available here. 

Limited 500 copies pressed on CD  and Vinyl. 

Listen watch to the exclusive video for the album track "crown of thorns" here: 

Left to right: Gunther Kiefer (Guitars) Bobby Slater (Vocals) Kevin Barnewold (Drums) Anthony Ferro (Bass)


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