USURPER were one of the first thrash metal bands from The

Netherlands. Formed in 1985 by Patrick Harreman and Boudewijn Molendijk the band released three demos and one full length album before the band split up in 1990.

Back then USURPER were part of a new style of extreme music. Bands that played louder and faster than anything before that. SLAYER and METALLICA from the US. KREATOR and DESTRUCTION from Germany. And bands like THANATOS and USURPER from The Netherlands. Despite USURPER’s unfortunate split in 1990 the ‘Divine Spiritual and Intellectual Development’ album kept selling, becoming a cult classic.

This lead to the re-release of that album and reuniting the band to do some shows in 2016. And this in turn lead to questions about a new album. The band have taken quite some time to write and record new material. Trying to capture some of the old magic, the old skool vibe from the 80’s, but at the same time capturing something new, fit for today’s world. The brand-new result is ‘Evilution’ which took three years to create. It gives you 8 tracks, each with its own sound, it's own vibe, crazy hooks, catchy riffs, incredible guitar solos. Every track has its own heartbeat, its own soul. From the 80’s old school sound in “Midlife Christ" to the ultra dark doom of "Cold Lake”. ‘Evilution' is an adventure for the old metalhead and the new alike.



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