All of us stand at the doorstep of a new decade. While the 2010s coalesced around an ambitious revival of thrash metal, bands in the 2020s will boldly forge a new epoch for the genre. A part of the new movement begins with Paralysis's second full-length album Mob Justice. For Paralysis, it is not always about being a band obsessed with speed; instead, Paralysis seeks to fuse their thrash metal sensibilities with the kinetic, juggernauts' brawn of old school East Coast hardcore riffs and the relentless savagery of Tampa area death metal. While Paralysis is not a progressive band, the band makes avid use of balancing brevity with abundance by packing many riffs per song to provide a riff succession feeling like a machine gun's pace. While progressive song structures typically take many minutes to cycle through drastic changes, Paralysis utilizes unorthodox song structures employing simple power chord, stomp riffs in a rapid succession. Mob Justice clocks in shorter than its predecessor Life Sentence, but contains nearly double the riffs per song. On top of the riffs, Jon Plemenik delivers angst-ridden, vitriolic barks ruminating on the various personal  and relatable struggles. This album represents a band who has evolved into trying to find their own mature sound: the creation of a more progressive style of crossover thrash and an escalation of brutality. For a society presently conditioned on a deficit of attention as social media and a fast-paced world provide a maze of distractions, this succinct thrash metal attack is just perfect. 




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