Their debut album ‘Stone Cold Steel’ was recorded and mixed by Serge Naberman at the prestigious Claim To Fame Studios and was released in March 2017 by Divebomb Records in North America, Into The LimeLight Records in Europe/Asia and Classic Metal in South America. Lovell’s Blade has been performing continuously since the release of ‘Stone Cold’ Steel and has shared the stage with many bands such as Thunder and Armoured Saint.

With musicians from bands like Picture, God Dethroned, Nembrionic, Emergency, Detonation and many more, they guarantee to rock wherever they are.

"The Nightmare Begins" hosts 12 hard rock tracks with a powerful touch.. The album is once again recorded and mixed by Serge Naberman at the Claim to Fame Studios. Vocals were recorded at the Zalkerbos Studio. Several mastering engineers were considered and the band finally decided on enrolling the mastering talents of Sander ter Heide. Sander is known for his work with countless national and international artists and for his mastering work at famous Wisseloord Studios Hilversum.

The premier video single ‘Take The Long Way Home’ was released on January 4th and allows the listener to get a taste of the forthcoming second album ‘The Nightmare Begins’. Second video single will be ‘Gonna Get Rough’ and gets released on the same day as the album gets released.

Lovell's Blade will be performing throughout 2019 to promote the new album and plan to release new videos in the coming year.


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